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Aug 18, 2020 - Hiatus Update

Hello to our Wunderdog community,


We write to you during a strange time: a time of anger, self-reflection, and, hopefully, change. IRIS is a story we at Wunderdog have been working on passionately for over two years. We always knew we were addressing issues in our story that were pervasive in our world - most notably police brutality, equal representation, and class disparity - and as we are sure you are all aware these issues are currently under a long overdue and painful investigation by our society at large. 

Given the current world climate, before we proceed we must be certain that in speculating about these topics we are not doing so in a way that causes harm or trivializes the experience of marginalized communities. Ultimately, we have made the difficult decision to put a temporary hiatus on the project so that we as a team can put the care and intentionality into it that it deserves, and ensure that the ideas we are presenting are in line with the values that we as people and as a company commit to upholding.

IRIS is also, notably, currently produced by a small group of white folx, and we acknowledge that IRIS is a story that requires more diversity at its helm. Moving forward, we pledge to do better by marginalized folx both in our personal lives, and in making art, particularly with regards to IRIS. We always intended to fill our story’s world with people across a broad range of races and persuasions, and now we see that it is vital that we involve people of colour specifically in the creation process. We will put in the work to make this happen, by coming back to the text at a time when the original team is more equipped to have these conversations, and by bringing on much needed consultation from the marginalized voices that we are representing.

We promise, we will do this work, and we promise, IRIS will be all the better for it. But this work must be given time in order to be effective and responsible. Between this, the global pandemic, and a few more personal variables, our timelines have been adjusted. We will move forward with the script consultation in the coming months, and our current projections have us returning to full production mode in September 2021. 

To our financial backers, both through Indiegogo and individual contributions, we extend our deepest gratitude and also an assurance that this is not the end. You took a chance on our important little project, and we understand that this was likely not the big update you were expecting. Do note that we plan on releasing what perks we can as soon as possible, and the rest will follow once we are in a position to deliver them. Please do not hesitate to reach us via the contact form on our website or via email at with any of your questions, concerns, or as always just to say hello.

Our tagline for IRIS is ‘What you do with the truth is up to you.’ With the truths that have been brought into the societal spotlight we know that our way forward is to educate ourselves, take action, and do better. We commit to doing the work, when it comes to IRIS, but also when it comes to everything we create moving forward. We promise, IRIS is coming.  And we promise, it will be worth the wait.


                 With love and in solidarity,


The IRIS team

Shelby Bushell

Jayda Novak

Madelaine Walker

Sarah Harrison

CR Packer


The year is 2054, and in the midst of rising temperatures, methane fires, and overpopulation, one young private detective named Iris Ignatius is hired to investigate a series of death threats against a renewable energy corporation.


It is a different place: police as an instrument of law enforcement have been abolished and replaced with the 'temporary' measure of Ballast, a chip placed at the top of the spine that makes you faint before you commit a crime. It is hypothesized that once we develop community responses to crime, Ballast will become unnecessary and can be removed.

Produced by a team of local Vancouver artists, IRIS is an exploration of how technology is interlaced both with storytelling and our lives, but in turn explores what loss, grief, sex, the role of the state, and technology mean in a future version of the world in which we no longer police and are experiencing the effects of environmental crisis first hand.

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